Support Your Brand Experience with Micro-Moments | Interview with Greg Tucker from Tucker & Company

Support Your Brand Experience with Micro-Moments Interview with Greg Tucker from Tucker & Company


Greg Tucker, an expert in customer experiences joined us today and we were relishing in it. If it wasn’t glaringly obvious that we care deeply about customer experience and customer journey then you haven’t been concentrating. Greg, founder of Tucker & Company is helping executive teams transform customer experience and business processes to drive growth and profitability.

In order to drive success, we should all be working to improve and understand the customer journey to ensure you’re offering your audience the ultimate experience. Greg examines the value of micro-moments in the customer journey; they should be an inherent part of your brand experience and delivery.

Micro-moments precede the decision–making stage of buying. With technology and more analysis of customer behavior, businesses can find innovative ways to imbed their brand in impactful micro-moments. Engage, and connect with your audience but most importantly understand them. Micro-moments that keep these factors in mind and integrate your brand can impact buyers in key-decision moments. Learn more from the customer experience expert, Greg Tucker.

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