Supporting and Improving Ecommerce Website Conversions | Interview with Gabriele Quaranta from Reid Supply

Supporting and Improving Ecommerce Website Conversions Interview with Gabriele Quaranta from Reid Supply


I don’t like to assume but I feel pretty confident that we have all shopped online. I feel even more certain of this after a pandemic caused us to rely on our digital world more than we could imagine. Ecommerce is booming and we are ready to hear from Gabriele Quaranta, digital marketing manager of Reid Supply.

Reid Supply offers a comprehensive line of over 40 000 quality industrial components serving a variety of industries, from automotive to electronics to medical. Supporting the buying journey appropriately and efficiently is essential to increasing website conversions, ultimately final purchases on Reid Supply’s online store, and Gabriele is focused on continuing to optimize the buying experience.

With varying industries and personas, and a large product range Gabriele looks to improve page organization and categorization while personalizing the buying journey for each potential persona. To further support and improve their website conversions Reid Supply is hyper-focused on providing crucial product information and meeting customers where they are with appropriate material to their stage in the journey. Listen in to gain more insight into this industry and how we can better support website conversions and the Ecommerce buying journey.

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