Find the Sweet Spot between Client’s Pain Points and Your Story | Interview with Gijsbregt Vijn from Lemon Scented Tea


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It’s a cold day and you’re ready to relax and get cozy. You need some tea. Specifically, lemon-scented tea. It’s fresh, satisfying, and the perfect experience. Now you’re sitting in your office eager to expose your brand and generate audience communication. You’re feeling a bit stressed. You know what you need, Lemon Scented Tea. Not the tea this time but the successful and innovative creative ads agency. This agency compares building strong brands and creating great communication with the ancient ritual of tea making.

You can find out more about the creation of this company’s name by listening to the managing director, Gijsbregt Vijn. Gijsbregt really dives into the elements of making an impactful brand story. While working to ensure the same user experience occurs on their own website he is continuing to find the sweet spot between client’s pain points and their story.

By embracing clients’ queries, problems, and pain points into your content and story you can create an emotional relationship, excellent user experience, and ultimately more generated leads. Gijsbregt and the team are optimizing their website to create a stronger connection between their social audience and their website audience while ensuring the sweet spot between client’s pain points and their story is found.