The 5 E’s of a Successful & Memorable Web Design | Interview with Dennis Boone from HandsFree Health


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I often take time in my day to reflect on a few key things I am grateful for. I recently can’t help but be grateful for my health every day, especially during the pandemic. Just like me, HandsFree Health has got wellness and wellbeing on the brain. They have created a voice-enabled virtual health assistant, called WellBe. With this private and sophisticated platform, users can set medication reminders, track blood pressure, keep in contact with caregivers, access vital information, and even listen to music and news.

As the Chief Consumer Sales and Marketing Officer, Dennis Boone, says, it’s like Alexa with a medical degree. This product appeals greatly to the elderly market and we were curious to discover how they market to and attract this niche audience with technology. Voice technology is extremely attractive to this market as they already know how to communicate, making their onboarding simpler. Dennis also dives into his formula for creating a successful and memorable web design.

With a focus on education, engagement, elimination, enticement, and eCommerce, David believes any business can have a fruitful and memorable web design, offering clients all that they need. Dennis offers our listeners greater detail into understanding these steps and the maintenance they require to continue influencing your business growth. WellBe is calling you, go have a listen.