The Role of Storytelling & Partnerships in Growing a Business | Interview with Brandon Steiner from CollectibleXchange

The Role of Storytelling & Partnerships in Growing a Business Interview with Brandon Steiner from CollectibleXchange


Partnerships, People, Process; is our guest’s entrepreneurial mantra in growing his businesses. It was a great privilege to have Brandon Steiner, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and sports marketer on the show. Brandon passionately dives into the growth and inception of CollectibleXchange, an online platform for fans, collectors, store owners, celebrities, athletes, and teams to buy and sell collectibles. But it was the launch of AthleteDirect that got this, as he says, ‘61 year old excited’.

With the development and launch of successful businesses and the growth of his personal brand, Brandon was able to offer us insights and strategies, while being honest about his own fears and challenges in growing a business. Storytelling has played a role throughout human history, passing down stories to retain our past, grow empathy, learn and connect. So when Brandon thinks about growth he thinks about storytelling.

By focusing less on the actual product or service he has placed his efforts in focusing on the experience created. To create value, purpose, understanding, and connection has allowed both himself and his businesses to stand out; to turn into a legacy. I’m not quite finished with Brandon, and I think we could all learn a little more from him. Get FREE access with the code: FREEBOOK here. Thanks, Brandon!

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