Use Data to Create High-Quality Audiences | Interview with Cameron McCormick from Clearbit

Use Data to Create High-Quality Audiences Interview with Cameron McCormick from Clearbit


The way people are buying is rapidly changing. From the already growing online-purchasing space to the shift to full digital experiences, owing to the global pandemic, many businesses have had to adapt their perspective on the buying journey. Buyers are doing more independent online research than before, making the research cycle shorter and more efficient.  So to change along with this developing customer journey we must ensure high-quality audiences are targeted and supported through the sales funnel.

Clearbit is a B2B Data Company focused on providing clients with the right data about their customers at the right time to create high-quality audiences and increase conversions throughout the sales funnel. The head of sales, Cameron McCormick, highlighted the benefits of their solutions and dived into the details of one of their most exciting products Clearbit Advertising.

Clearbit Advertising offers high-level targeting on Facebook to drive high-quality audiences and conversions with 100+ B2B targeting filters. Clearbit’s team is focused on solving a lead-to-quality-lead conversion problem. When acquiring new clients they work hard to truly understand customers’ pain points and ensure clients’ audiences are aligned with their data research and findings.

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