View Your Website as a Key & Necessary Marketing Channel | Interview with Derayo Adetosoye from Metrikus


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Your website is at the center of your online presence. As social channels, emails and advertising only offer small snippets of your business they will lead all audiences to your website. Some businesses view it as a must-have, ticking the box for starting a business, however, it is so much more. With the opportunity to influence prospects and establish credibility it should be a constant project with purpose and function; a necessary marketing channel.

Derayo Adetosoye, marketing manager at Metrikus was sure to reiterate our above thoughts. Metrikus helps businesses optimize and understand their working environments. With a single platform, they make your space more efficient, sustainable, and productive. Derayo offers us insights into the inner workings of their sales and marketing teams as well as their successful growth channels.

The big wide world of the web offers a wider reach than any other form of advertising and the Metrikus team has leveraged it in their digital growth. With a focus on content and clear value-prop messaging their prospects are lead through the journey and nurtured in their experience. Metrikus, with Derayo’s influence, has reaped the lead-generation rewards with a website as a key and necessary marketing channel.