Use your Website to Nurture Traffic through the Non-Linear Buying Journey | Interview with Melissa McClary Davis from Wise Digital Marketing


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‘Observe and reflect, and become a little wiser each day’. Melissa McClary Davis has done just that in her 25 years of digital marketing experience. In her passion to support small business owners in navigating the digital market, she founded Wise Digital Marketing. As the Owl grows in knowledge so too does Melissa, making the company name that much more appropriate. Wise Digital Marketing helps businesses to grow their audience and revenue through cutting-edge digital strategies.

Melissa and her team are strategy-focused when upgrading your marketing growth. With her years of experience, Melissa wisely noted that the buying journey is non-linear and often more complicated than we assume. With a website, there is a critical opportunity to guide and nurture traffic. Melissa advises her clients on interconnecting both their social platforms and website in order to grow and expose brand awareness.

Naturally, Melissa uses her own expertise to promote her company with efforts to nurture traffic through that non-linear funnel with both the website and her confidence on social platforms and communities. To guide and nurture traffic with your website can be greatly beneficial to lead generation and Melissa is eager to spread her wise words to all who are willing to listen.