Website Personalization + Artificial Intelligence: Hitting the Sweet Spot

Website Personalization + Artificial Intelligence Hitting the Sweet Spot In Article
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Whenever you have a website, you have two choices on how to best treat your visitors. You can have a simple experience that fires for everyone who visits the website, or you can focus on making sure that every single visitor feels special with an experience tailored to their needs.

While we tend to focus a lot on personalization in the real world, such as greeting a repeat customer by name or tailoring our responses to different types of people, it can be hard to do that online. Instead of looking at bodily cues and using visual knowledge to provide personal experiences, websites need to be personal in other ways.

The benefits of website personalization are all over the internet, but what most people do not realize is that it can be bolstered with artificial intelligence as well. Using AI to enhance the experience of being on your website can only help you to get more conversions, and can start to make your customers feel like they are coming to a website that cares about them.

However, before we can get started with the benefits, we need to ask a question. What is website personalization? The best way to illustrate that is with an example.

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Examples of Website Personalization

One of the best examples of website personalization is what happens whenever you look up a product on Amazon. Say that you need a new crockpot for instance, and you make the purchase there. After a few days, you might notice the different crockpots you scrolled through as advertisements on different websites that you browse.

The next time that you go to Amazon, it should recognize that you bought the crockpot and might suggest a brand-new set of oven mitts to go with it. That is all website personalization, and Amazon is great at tailoring your experience so you are constantly treated with new things to buy that are of importance to you.

You are constantly presented with new things that you might like and are more than likely going to purchase them.

Why Does Website Personalization Matter?

Unlike seeing the same person repeatedly in a coffee shop where you work, there is no incentive to be personal online. If someone comes over and purchases a product from your website or stops by to read a blog post, you do not have any knowledge of who the person is beyond what the website tells you. Even then, that knowledge is not much and doesn’t paint a clear picture.

However, the customers that come to your site have grown to expect some personalization, especially if they visit your page frequently enough. After all, they get personalized content everywhere else they look.

Their news articles share topics they are interested in, their social media is only filled with information about their friends, and other websites give them the information they care about and nothing else.

Your website needs to do the same to compete, but what is the best way to collect the data you need?

How Can You Personalize Your Website?

Whether you are a new website owner or someone who has been around the internet for a while, the idea of personalizing your website might seem like a lot of work. After all, you’d need to put a structure in place that can be adjusted for every single person who gets to your website. Thankfully, Pathmonk has a solution for that, and we can help with all the types of individual needs.

Pathmonk is a platform that not only helps to convert visitors into leads for your website but also helps to provide a personalized experience. It does this by analyzing the various browsing habits of the visitor.

Pathmonk can analyze the technology the customer is using, the location the person is in, and the obtained third-party data about their habits. Then Pathmonk is going to create micro-moments that keep people on your website and give them an incentive to move forward through the sales funnel.

Showing That You Care

Finally, personalization shows that you and your website care about the people. Not only does this put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competitors that don’t seem to care about their customers, but it also helps keep your clientele loyal. Repeat business is certainly a perk for you to enjoy.

After all, think about personalization in the real world. Wouldn’t you like to go to a place where the waiter knows your name and has your usual order up and ready? Of course, you would, and customers online feel the same way when they are exposed to websites that are personalized to them.

If you can make them feel respected and valued, then you can keep them coming back and purchasing your products.

Delivering Efficient Campaigns

Often, most of the emails you send out as part of your marketing campaigns do not get read, and even fewer get acted upon. Why is that? Part of the reason is that some of them do not matter to your target audience. If you have a business that focuses on getting sales for several different niches, you do not need to be sending every single email to every single niche.

Instead, personalization can help you divide your customers based on those niches. Then you can send targeted emails to each of the groups, which should actually be read. Beyond the reading aspect of the equation, people are more likely to act when they have an incentive to do so. Relevance is one of the best ways to create such an incentive.

This also helps to prevent wasted time for both you and the potential customer, which is very important for everyone. No one likes having their time wasted because lost time is often lost money!

How Does AI Come into Play?

Of course, you could try to set up and manage all this personalization yourself, but that’s a lot of data points and work for even the most data-loving person. Using artificial intelligence to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks is the best way to build a profile for each customer on your website.

AI is extremely helpful, and it forms the core of Pathmonk, which is designed to help you improve the website experience for your customers. We specialize in hyperpersonalization (one of the best types of website personalization) as well and have a website personalization case study section on our page.

Using Hyperpersonalization

Hyperpersonalalization does not just build a profile for your customers and then lets it sit there. Instead, it uses AI to create the profile, learn, and adapt over time. Depending on the customer’s behavior and preferences, your website should be able to deliver real-time website personalization changes.

Customers can see ads for your products that match their needs, offers that can be taken from their browser history, and data relevant to where they live. All of this is specifically tailored to each individual, which removes that distortion factor that comes with using samples and other data collection methodology that involves various people. The personalized content can continue to change for as long as the user is online.


Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

More websites are popping up every day, and all of them looking for an ever-decreasing slice of human attention. If you want your page to stand out, you need to personalize it so the customers feel valued and welcome. However, the sheer number of variables with all the different customers coming to your website can cause some serious problems for you if you try to go a traditional personalization route. Keeping up simply is not feasible.

That is why using the artificial intelligence of Pathmonk can help you make sure that everything is accounted for. It can analyze the variables, can make sure that every customer has a unique experience, and can move them down the sales funnel.

You can get started on updating your website with an AI-fueled personalization plan, and there is no better way to start than using Pathmonk. You can start to see results quickly, so do not be afraid to give us a try to take advantage of the benefits of website personalization!

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