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Auditoria uses smart technology to make finance and accounting work easier and more efficient. Their platform, enriched with AI, machine learning, cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and computer vision, promises an intelligent, autonomous finance back office that saves time and streamlines operations.

The Challenge: Low Website Conversions

Despite offering a highly sought-after solution capable of optimizing processes and eliminating time-consuming tasks, Auditoria faced a significant challenge: low website conversion rates

With a considerable number of page views, the conversion rate remained unsatisfactorily low.

The pressing question was whether the conversion goals set were aligned with the average stage of their website visitors. Many visitors, while potentially interested, might not have been ready for aggressive calls to action, especially if those actions did not match their immediate goals or stage in the buying journey.

Auditoria needed to find a way to better connect with their site visitors, making sure that their online experience matched their needs and interests at the right stage of their buying journey.

The Solution: Optimize the Consideration Stage

Auditoria implemented Pathmonk to address their challenge of low website conversion rates, focusing on enhancing the user experience during the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. 

  • Personalized Content Delivery: Pathmonk provided visitors with product details, FAQs, expert opinions, and customer testimonials, making information accessible and compelling.
  • Reactive Conversion Funnel: Pathmonk’s technology dynamically adjusted calls-to-action and information based on real-time analysis of each visitor’s behavior, personalizing the user experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Pathmonk’s technology was designed to work with Auditoria’s existing website framework, enabling a smooth and fast implementation process.


The Results: +300% Leads Uplift

Auditoria experienced a significant increase in their conversion rates, tripling the number of visitors who converted on their website.

By delivering content and interactions tailored to the visitor’s stage in the buying journey, engagement levels on the website saw a notable improvement.

The personalized approach made possible by Pathmonk led to a more satisfying and relevant experience for each visitor, encouraging them to spend more time on the site.

Auditoria’s existing content was efficiently repurposed into engaging microexperiences, maximizing the impact of their material without the need for creating new content.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalization Unlocks Growth: Customizing the website experience to match the visitor’s journey stage dramatically boosts engagement and conversions.
  • Efficient Use of Content: Repurposing existing content into bite-sized, impactful moments can significantly enhance its effectiveness without additional content creation efforts.
  • Focus on the Buyer’s Journey: Understanding and optimizing for the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey can unlock untapped potential in converting interested visitors into leads and customers.

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