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Ordway, a dynamic SaaS enterprise based in Washington DC, specializes in providing the world’s most effective billing and finance platform. As a high-growth company, Ordway serves multiple industries, streamlining back-office operations, identifying revenue trends, and simplifying finance and operational tasks.

The Challenge: Inefficient Lead Generation and Management

Ordway faced significant challenges in engaging with website visitors and converting them into qualified leads. The primary goal was to increase the number of inbound demo requests, but their existing tools were not yielding the desired scalability or efficiency. 

Their existing tools were not adequate in handling the volume and quality of interactions necessary to convert website visitors into demo requests effectively. This issue was particularly critical as Ordway aimed to streamline its sales funnel to better support its rapid growth and expand its market presence.

They needed a solution that would not only capture more leads but also save their sales team’s time, allowing them to concentrate on high-value tasks and interactions.

The Solution: Automated Real-Time Engagement

Ordway found its answer in Pathmonk, an AI-powered platform that increases website conversions based on predictive analytics and personalized engagement:

  • Personalized Interactions: Pathmonk shows tailored website interactions to each visitor based on their usage behavior. This allowed for highly personalized visitor experiences, increasing engagement and the likelihood of conversion.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Pathmonk was directly integrated with Ordway’s existing CRM system, HubSpot. This integration streamlined the process of capturing and managing leads. Each new lead detected by Pathmonk was automatically sent into the CRM, where it could be effectively managed by the sales team.
  • Instant Lead Notifications: Alongside CRM integration, Pathmonk provided instant notifications to the sales team via Slack, including a lead scoring system based on interactions with the assistant. This feature enabled the sales team to quickly identify and engage with key accounts, facilitating immediate follow-up actions.
  • Combining Automation with Personal Touch: While Pathmonk handled initial interactions automatically, it also integrated with the existing HubSpot chat solution on the website. This setup ensured that while many interactions were automated, personal customer service was available when needed, maintaining a balance between efficiency and personalized service.


The Results: +50% Demo Requests

50% Increase in Demo Requests: During the first three months of using Pathmonk, Ordway experienced a 50% increase in inbound demo requests, significantly boosting their lead generation efforts.

Enhanced Lead Management: The seamless integration of Pathmonk with Ordway’s CRM (HubSpot) and instant lead notifications via Slack streamlined the lead management process, allowing for quick and effective engagement with potential customers.

Efficiency in Resource Allocation: The automation provided by Pathmonk allowed the sales team to allocate more time to closing deals and less time on initial inquiries, optimizing their productivity.

Scalable Lead Capture: The implementation of Pathmonk enabled Ordway to scale their lead capture process without sacrificing the quality of customer interactions, crucial for their ongoing growth and expansion.

Key Findings

  • Power of Personalization: Ordway’s experience underscores the transformative impact of personalizing customer interactions. By tailoring content based on real-time visitor behavior, they not only enhanced user engagement but also significantly boosted conversion rates.
  • Automation Meets Human Touch: The integration of Pathmonk didn’t replace human interactions; instead, it enriched them. By automating routine inquiries and pre-qualifying leads, sales teams were freed to focus on deeper, more meaningful customer engagements.
  • Seamless Technology Integration: The seamless blend of Pathmonk with existing tools like HubSpot and Slack demonstrated that adopting new technologies doesn’t have to be disruptive. This integration facilitated an effortless transition and immediate improvements in lead management efficiency.

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