How Ordway (SaaS) Increased Inbound Demo Requests By +50%

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COMPANY: Ordway is a high-growth SaaS company based in Washington DC working on the world’s most effective billing and finance platform. The platform is used by companies across multiple industries.

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"During the first 3 months of use of the Pathmonk web assistant, in combination with increased digital advertising, Ordway saw a 50% increase of inbound demo requests."
Eren Koont
VP Marketing, Ordway

Increasing Qualified Leads & Reducing cost per Lead

Ordway is a high-growth SaaS company based in Washington DC. They are on a mission to build the world’s most effective billing and finance platform. Used by companies across multiple industries, Ordway eliminates back-office inefficiencies, identifies revenue trends, and simplifies finance and operations tasks so personnel can focus on strategic growth activities.

Ordway’s powerful, enterprise-quality billing and revenue automation platform software is a better way to bill, collect, and grow your revenues

A Scalable Experience for Target Accounts

Eren Koont, VP of Marketing, and the entire Ordway team take personal interactions seriously. So whether that’s online via a chat tool like Hubspot or in their video demo meetings. The team is always looking for ways to engage with prospects on their website in a way that’s personalized, relevant and real-time. 

Pathmonk enabled Ordway to scale the creation of personalized experiences further by providing tailored nuggets of information (Smartcards) to each visitor based on their usage behaviour. This allowed the team to increase inbound demo requests by +50%.

The sales team was able to use Pathmonk to send the stream of new leads directly into the CRM (HubSpot) they were already using. Additionally, each new lead is sent via Slack to the sales team including a lead scoring (Interactions with the Assistant). This helped to identify and engage key accounts immediately after signup.

An Opportunity To Capture More Leads

When Ordway found Pathmonk, they were open for a truly scalable solution – one that would help them capture more leads but save their sales team time.

“Pathmonk gives our team the perfect way to engage with site visitors on the website in an automated way while using our sales reps time on higher value tasks ,” said Eden. “With Pathmonk, it’s possible to adapt the content that we show to our visitors on the website based on their real-time behaviour. This engagement that Pathmonk provides with the Smartcards is a winner.”

What about the Hubspot chat?

As far as their switch from Hubspot to Pathmonk, Eden actually prefers to have the best of both worlds on their website. HubSpot’s chat solution, now integrated in the Pathmonk Web Assistant, gives each website visitor the chance to still ask questions through chat if they want to. So did they fully switch away from Hubspot? Not quite – because they don’t need to. They can now focus their sales reps attention on closing deals while a personalized interaction on the website is provided automatically.

The results: +50% inbound demo requests

The results opened up a new opportunity for Ordway – reducing the amount of time they needed to spend on their chat answering questions and more time meeting with clients for demos. Each new lead was sent into their email automation tool – immediately receiving an answer and booking their demo from there. During the first 3 months of use of the Pathmonk Web Assistant, in combination with increased digital advertising, the team at Ordway saw a 50% increase of inbound demo requests...