Pathmonk App Gets Certified by HubSpot

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We’re excited to announce that the Pathmonk App has officially been certified by HubSpot. This is a step forward as we hope to continue to provide a quality experience and solutions to our customers. With this certification, we hope to further reassure and empower our users in their use of Pathmonk’s solutions. You can easily find us on the HubSpot marketplace which reiterates our mission to seamlessly integrate with all your marketing tools allowing you to grow better.

What is Pathmonk?

98% of website visitors don’t convert and we often can’t answer why or decide on the next step to take. With piles of website data and analytics insights, the path forward seems overcomplicated and blurry. This is why we created Pathmonk to help you generate more customers and ultimately better understand your buying journeys. Pathmonk is a plug-and-play website extension that allows you to convert more visitors into leads through buying journeys that are powered with Artificial Intelligence. If you need to drive results from your website Pathmonk’s Platform has all the tools & integrations you need

If you want money-making insights extracted from how visitors behave on your website? Our first solution, Pathmonk Metrics is right for you. To gain more insight into your buying journeys and collect data that offers improvements suggestions, conversion reports, and growth opportunities you can leverage Pathmonk Metrics. Pathmonk Metrics analyses the buying journey on your website and empowers you to understand what works, what doesn’t work, and how to drive more leads. 

Looking to effortlessly grow customers and qualified leads from your website Pathmonk Results is just for you. To go beyond reports and data Pathmonk Results allows you to automate, enhance, and influence the buying process. We predict the most likely next step of your buyer and serve content that matches your visitors’ intent to win 1.5x more leads from your website. With the ability to pre-qualify leads, cut acquisition costs, and influencer your buyers you can unlock +50% more customers. Pathmonk can be applied to a variety of use cases including website conversions, lead qualification, ABM, and mor

Who is HubSpot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform. With their ecosystem software, education, and community united they help businesses grow better. HubSpot encourages businesses to turn their attention to the customer’s needs and help rather than just sell, ultimately attracting visitors, converting leads, and winning customers. With their ecosystem and functionalities, marketing and sales departments can manage all their activities in one place.

What is the Buying Journey?

Pathmonk is directly linked to the buyers’ journey as the concept allows marketers to understand the way online users buy. Individuals are enjoying the freedom of independent research; B2B buyers are making final purchasing decisions without even reaching out to the business they wish to buy from first. With this lack of control and increasingly more complex online buying world, the introduction and purpose of the buyers’ journey is to help identify the channels where these potential customers are receiving information and provide businesses with the ability to influence the content and gently nudge the potential customer to make a decision. 

Pathmonk App Gets Certified by HubSpot

Essentially, it’s every step or action that a prospect is going to take before they decide whether or not they want to buy the product or service. As marketers, we have the responsibility to help simplify and support the buying process. You can use Pathmonk to help your prospects rather than just sell to them. Our technology can help you provide content and experiences that have one goal in mind: to move your prospects even closer to purchasing your products or services. 

In general, there are 3 to 4 stages in the journey (Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Purchase). Each stage allows us to understand where our prospect is in their journey, to better support and predict their needs.

HubSpot and The Buying Journey

HubSpot’s mission is to help businesses grow better. With tools to help grow traffic and convert leads to sales tools to a complete CMS hub to a resource of knowledge, HubSpot is a household name for any business growing their brand. 

They know that the Buying Journey is the foundation of any successful inbound marketing strategy and are working to educate and provide knowledge around it to empower marketers to better empathize with the buyer and position their product or service in a way that suits the prospects buyer’s journey, ultimately increasing conversions. A prospect that feels provided for and thought of in their purchasing decision is more likely to convert.

Free AI-Powered Buying Journey Toolkit

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What it Means To Be Officially Certified

Knowing the integral role HubSpot plays in operations, growth, and sales of businesses it was important that we were recognized by HubSpot and ensured our solution can be easily integrated into any sales and marketing tools. 

When HubSpot officially certifies a solution or app it means the members of the HubSpot Product team have taken time to review, approve and confirm that the solution meets their requirements. To earn certification, Pathmonk had to demonstrate quality by meeting quantitative measures and qualitative descriptors of security, privacy, reliability, performance, usability, accessibility, and value. This means that our prospects and user can feel reassured while knowing they are using both a credible and quality solution.

Why Is This Important for Hubspot Users?

It’s simple really; it will allow HubSpot users to get more deals while streamlining the process and making it easier to close them.

Pathmonk will capture around +50% more qualified leads from your current website and send them directly to your HubSpot CRM. Therefore you can gain extra valuable information for your sales and marketing teams.

At HubSpot one of the core principles in sales is the concept of the Buyer’s Journey; the buyer’s path to purchase (you can read more about it on the Hubspot blog). What Pathmonk does is enhance any website buyer’s journey using artificial intelligence, which will boost your customer acquisition by 50% without any website changes whatsoever.

But, it gets better, with just a few clicks and a short amount of time, Pathmonk will be ready to work on both your website and in your Hubspot CRM.

What You Will Get With Pathmonk and Where You Can Learn More

Power Up Your Inbound Strategies With AI (without the hard work)

Using AI, Pathmonk predicts the most likely next step of your web visitors and uses the most appropriate experiences to capture more visitors before they lose interest and leave. Trained with over 50 Million visitors’ actions, Pathmonk leverages the power of intent data on your website.

Your Website Deserves a Remarkable Experience

Engage your website visitors with Micro-experiences, adding Pathmonk to your webpage provides an exceptional end-user experience, all while making the process as simple as possible for you. No development required, easily customizable to your style and brand, coming with granular Buying Journey reporting out of the box.

Enhance Your Website Conversion 1.5x In No Time

Pathmonk complements your current website set up with no extra effort required on your side. Instead of showing easily ignored pop-ups to your visitors or leading them down chatbot flows, you can show them information that is relevant and timely to their personal journey.

Want to know more about your own buying journey? Pathmonk Metrics gives you ‘snackable’ reports with growth opportunities, buying journey analysis, and improvements suggestions. Start your free trial here.

Or if you want more in-depth insight and are eager to let Pathmonk Results help you automate and influence the buying journey. You can speak to an expert, book a call to get more information here.

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