Building high-quality website traffic | Interview with Tomasz Pindel

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In today’s episode, we focus on the qualification of website traffic and discuss all about it with Tomasz Pindel who is the co-founder of Voucherify.

Tomasz is experienced in iterative software development, creative work culture, continuous learning, and pragmatic approach. Voucherify is an API-first SaaS platform for promotional campaigns. It is a set of programmable building blocks for a coupon, referral, and loyalty programs. For their customers, it means they can build campaigns in a very flexible and fast way by using Voucherify’s engine.

In this episode, Tomasz shared with us his approach to building up a website to target different customer personas, how he is using A/B testing, and how they plan to target specific content to their website visitors. Do you wanna hear more? Tune in…