Catering to Diverse Funnel Stages to Engage Visitors and Nurture Leads | Interview with Jordan Wilson from BanQu

Catering to Diverse Funnel Stages to Engage Visitors and Nurture Leads Interview with Jordan Wilson from BanQu


As responsible brands, we must prioritize sustainability. A significant opportunity lies in scrutinizing our supply chain, seizing control, and embracing more eco-conscious choices. BanQu’s mission is to help brands become more sustainable and ethical in their sourcing practices. Jordan Wilson, the Digital Marketing Director, gives us more insight. They offer a traceability solution that provides visibility throughout the supply chain, ensuring efficiency, risk mitigation, fair treatment of workers, and high-quality ingredients sourcing. BanQu serves multiple industries, including food and beverage, recycling, and health and beauty. BanQu’s client acquisition strategy revolves around relationships, word of mouth, and participation in trade shows, all bolstered by their strategically optimized website. The website serves as a digital ambassador, showcasing their mission, services, and value proposition to potential clients. By offering a range of resources catering to different funnel stages, BanQu effectively engages visitors and nurtures leads. Their commitment to ethical practices and caring for people resonates with conscious consumers, aligning with their mission to drive sustainable and ethical business worldwide.

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