Driving Success and User Engagement with Product-Led Growth | Interview with Jake Letwin from Luxolis

Driving Success and User Engagement with Product-Led Growth Interview with Jake Letwin from Luxolis


Capturing, sharing, and collaborating are all key elements in a productive and successful team but imagine doing it all in 3D, empowering your innovation through immersive visualization. Luxolis is a Canadian 3D technology startup that offers both software and hardware solutions to enable individuals and organizations to use 3D technology effectively. Jake Letwin, Marketing Lead gives us more insight into their free-to-use app that can generate fully rendered 3D models of environments, enabling users to take measurements, tag items of interest, and collaborate. They primarily target architects, engineers, and builders. They are actively pursuing growth initiatives through various acquisition channels. Jake oversees the company’s social media accounts, leveraging platforms like YouTube to educate potential customers about the product’s value and functionalities. Trade shows and expos also play a significant role in showcasing Luxolis’ capabilities, allowing for in-person demonstrations that effectively engage prospects. The website serves as a crucial tool, providing extensive information about their products, educating visitors on the implementation of 3D tech and LiDAR, and offering educational content through articles. Currently, Luxolis is focused on product-led growth by offering a free app to encourage downloads and gather valuable feedback from users, ensuring continuous improvements before exploring the possibility of transitioning to a SaaS model.

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