An Employee-Centric Approach for Sustainable Growth and Success | Interview with Julius Geis from MUA

An Employee-Centric Approach for Sustainable Growth and Success Interview with Julius Geis from MUA


‘With machines becoming more advanced and accessible, we realized the key differentiator for a business’s success is their people – those who design, understand and guide the artificial intelligence (AI)’ We were so excited to welcome, Founder & CEO of MUA, Julius Geis to the show. MUA is a B2B SaaS solution that helps businesses foster emotional intelligence (EI) in employees, leadership, teams, and organizations. Julius dives into the inception of MUA;  while working on change processes he identified a gap between the intention and the actual doing. He discusses the ideal industry and size for MUA, saying that since the tool is simple to use, it is suitable for all industries, including frontline workers. Subscriptions are available for single users to enterprise levels. Julius explains that MUA is built on an employee-centric perspective, unlike its competitors that rely on surveys. And highlighting the importance and role of design, experience, decluttering, and unbiased interest in framing questions for engagement tools. MUA tracks employees’ daily activities and feelings through symbols and asks them how they felt after performing those activities. An exciting approach to business success in the age of AI.

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