Empowering Progress with Engaging Funnelling and Synergistic Growth Strategies | Interview with Chris Clark and Mike Burica from WorkForge

Empowering Progress with Engaging Funnelling and Synergistic Growth Strategies


Unlocking the true potential of a workforce begins with the transformative power of education, which not only strengthens businesses but also empowers individuals. Chris Clark, Director of Marketing & Communications, and Mike Burica, Chief Commercial Officer join us from WorkForge, an education technology company focused on providing learning and development solutions for global manufacturers. WorkForge strengthens manufacturing by addressing challenges like labor retention and workforce development. They emphasize the importance of employee development, career pathways, and attracting new workers to meet the demands of the manufacturing processes. WorkForge’s targeted clients include the food and beverage industry and other strongly regulated sectors like aerospace, defense, and automotive. WorkForge’s growth strategy revolves around a multi-faceted approach, combining targeted outbound email campaigns, social media outreach, and engaging prospects at trade shows and conferences. Their engaging funneling efforts lead interested parties to their robust website, which serves as a central hub for conveying comprehensive information about their solutions, while also exploring innovative methods, like partnering with Pathmonk, to create engaging and creative ways of reaching potential clients. Mike handles commercial responsibilities, including new business acquisition and client retention, while Chris focuses on marketing activities, generating leads through various methods, including cold calling and prospecting. Together, they work to drive growth and engagement for WorkForge.

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