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Fusion ROI, part of Fusion Performance Group in the United States, is a boutique firm specializing in event management and ROI analysis. They focus on organizing corporate meetings and incentive trips, delivering tailored, high-quality experiences. Their team prioritizes understanding clients’ needs and aims to exceed expectations. Known for their innovative ROI measurement techniques, Fusion ROI ensures that their events are not only successful but also provide valuable insights into investment returns.

The Challenge: Flawed, Ineffective Conversion Funnel

Fusion ROI faced several significant challenges in enhancing their website conversions for event management inquiries:

  • Traffic direction and misdirection: An influx of visitors to nonexistent pages revealed underlying issues in their digital marketing strategies, leading to wasted engagement opportunities and skewed traffic data.
  • High bounce rates: High bounce rates on several pages indicated that the content failed to engage visitors, resulting in quick exits and a disconnect between user expectations and the website’s offerings.
  • Conversion tracking issues: Despite using new tools, Fusion ROI struggled with low legitimate conversion activities compared to overall traffic. Spam submissions further complicated data integrity, making it difficult to trust conversion metrics.

These challenges highlighted the need for improved digital strategies and better site content to align with visitor expectations and guide them effectively through the conversion funnel.

The Solution: Personalized Customer Journeys

Fusion ROI, led by their Event and Marketing Coordinator, Mackenzie Buck, chose Pathmonk to overcome these challenges. 

Thanks to our AI-powered funnel optimization technology, Fusion ROI was able to implement the following microexperiences on their website:

  • Introduction videos: Engaging videos were created to quickly communicate their value proposition at the awareness stage.
  • Reviews and case studies: External reviews and case studies were highlighted to build trust during the consideration phase.
  • One-click form access: Pathmonk’s micro-experiences streamlined form access, simplifying the inquiry process.

Why did Fusion ROI choose Pathmonk instead of more traditional CRO tools such as Mutiny, Drift, Gong, or ClickFunnels?

  • Personalized experiences: Pathmonk uses artificial intelligence to customize website content based on each visitor’s behavior and needs. This level of personalization enhances user engagement and increases the likelihood that visitors will take action, such as requesting a demo or making a purchase.
  • Automatic content creation: Pathmonk automatically generates tailored user experiences without requiring extensive manual setup. This automation ensures that visitors receive relevant interactions, saving time and effort for the Fusion ROI team.
  • Real-time data and insights: Pathmonk provides robust analytics and A/B testing features, allowing Fusion ROI to monitor and adjust their strategies based on real-time data. This capability enables continuous optimization and higher conversion rates.
  • Easy integration and setup: Pathmonk integrates easily with existing systems and offers a quick setup process. This ease of implementation allowed Fusion ROI to start benefiting from Pathmonk’s features without extensive technical work or downtime.
  • Cookieless technology: Pathmonk employs cookieless technology, which enhances user privacy and compliance with data protection regulations. This technology tracks and personalizes user experiences without relying on cookies, making it a forward-thinking choice in an era of increasing privacy concerns.

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The Results: 100% Contact Form Submissions

100% Increase in website conversions: The number of contact forms submitted via the website doubled, indicating that twice as many visitors took desired actions compared to before implementing Pathmonk.

Enhanced user engagement: Pathmonk’s personalized and automated experiences led to higher user engagement. Visitors interacted more with the tailored content, videos, reviews, and case studies presented to them.

Easy reporting: Using Pathmonk Intelligence, Fusion ROI could easily track the impact of micro-experiences at every stage of the buying journey. They had quick access to detailed reports and A/B testing results, which provided clear evidence of Pathmonk’s positive influence on conversion rates.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalization boosts engagement: Personalized experiences tailored to the user’s journey stages can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates. Using Pathmonk ensures that each visitor sees content that resonates with their needs, making them more likely to take action.
  • Automate to optimize: Automating the creation of user experiences saves time and ensures consistency. Pathmonk’s ability to automatically generate relevant interactions means marketers can focus on strategy and optimization rather than manual content creation, leading to more efficient workflows.
  • Always aim to simplify user actions: Streamlining key actions, such as form submissions, can significantly improve conversion rates. Ensuring that visitors can easily complete desired actions with minimal clicks reduces friction and increases the likelihood of capturing leads.

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