Global Expansion and the Power of Storytelling Outreach | Interview with Hauwa Yakubu from Kugali Media

Global Expansion and the Power of Storytelling Outreach Interview with Hauwa Yakubu from Kugali


Storytelling has followed us through time. It’s how humankind has learned, connected, and shared. We welcomed Hauwa Yakubu, PR & Publishing Marketing Lead at Kugali Media, a leading platform for African storytelling. They showcase the best of African aesthetics and stories while embracing technology like augmented reality and 3D animation combined with comic book art. These stories respect the history of Africa, embrace the present, and imagine a future. Hauwa highlights the launch of Kugali Academy in Kenya to train aspiring creators and animators. To spread the word, Kugali Media leverages social media, paid marketing, media representation, and collaborations with established and well-known organizations. Their website plays a crucial role in showcasing their work, providing information, and driving engagement. As a leader in marketing, Hauwa stays busy with various tasks, including traveling, storytelling, meeting people, and ensuring Kugali’s impactful stories reach global audiences.

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