Industry Spotlight: Growth Marketing in the Life Sciences Sector | Interview with Ashley Sherrick from Qualio

Industry Spotlight Growth Marketing in the Life Sciences Sector Interview with Ashley Sherrick from Qualio


Getting life-saving products to market in the life sciences sector has so far been a manual and slow-moving process. But Qualio is on a mission to change this by helping teams that build life-saving products get to market in less time, with less cost and less risk. The senior growth marketing manager, Ashley Sherrick gives us an insight into the market they serve, the channels they leverage, and the role their website plays in the buying journey. Ashley and the team work hard to meet prospects where they are through multi-channel campaigns while customer advocates spread the word about an excellent product and service. Ashley, always looking for growth marketing opportunities, is eager to elevate and optimize their website further by creating persona-based and regional-based digital buying journeys.

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Growth Marketers in the show focus mostly on one of the three big problems. Increasing the number of leads, reducing the customer acquisition cost, or improving the lead quality – that’s why they are in growth in the first place. Reports from Gartner and real experience from the guests show that >70% of the buying journey is happening online.

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