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COMPANY: The Colorado based team at Stone Marketing Strategy helps businesses to plan and define their marketing strategy, from digital to social and even more traditional channels. 

"We wanted to use Pathmonk for our own business to generate more business opportunities..."
Tricia Stone
Digital Marketing Consultant

Stone Marketing Strategy was founded in 2017 with the passion to make marketing simple and profitable for all businesses. The team provides local and global businesses with clear marketing strategies, organic marketing, paid ads, content marketing and many other tactics to complement their strategy.

We are always on the cutting edge of Marketing Technology so we wanted to use Pathmonk for our own business to generate more business opportunities.

Enhancing the buyer journey without a bot

The Stone Marketing team applies a variety of channels for lead generation, including SEO, PPC, and really strong blog. Despite the interest that Stone Marketing was generating in their content and brand, the traffic simply could convert into more opportunities. The team needed a better way to engage with visitors on their website to eventually increase the number of quality leads.

”Personally I just don’t enjoy to deal with a chatbot because I know it isn’t real so I don’t want to provide this experience to my website visitors”

In order to overcome this challenge the team at Stone Marketing had several options. They could introduce a live-chat or even bring a chatbot to the page. Since especially in the B2B technology space the buyer behavior is undergoing a big shift. Visitors know already  that a chatbot will primarily ask them for their Email while driving them into a chat experience in order to do just that. So this wasn’t really an option for now.

Removing Friction Along the Buyer’s Journey

Pathmonk’s extension provides website visitors with easy-to-use micro-experiences that affect all the different stages along the buying journey. In the awareness stage, micro-experiences increase for example visitor engagement or they achieve to built more trust in the consideration stage. Pathmonk delivers a user experience that makes it quick and easy for people to get the information they need tailored for each visitor in the stage of the buying journey. Now, website visitors are engaged in real-time based on their stage in the journey.

Pathmonk’s website extension proactively prompts an interested website visitors and guides the user into Stone Marketing’s sales process. All while Pathmonk’s AI technology is figuring out when it’s the best moment to approach visitor and what to show them. The extension analyzes the website behaviour and infers their depth of interest. Remember – all of it without having to do any manual setup.

The setup for Stone Marketing process was seamless and didn’t require any heavy lifting. It gave Stone Marketing the ability to optimize the buyer journey for their visitors without having to setup any workflows or spending weeks or even months in optimizing the “funnel”. The extension served as an important tool for personalizing each journey without any extra effort. 

The results

The results speak for themself: Website conversions have more than doubled. Based on this very tangible results and the B2B trends in how people are buying software moving forward Pathmonk became an integral part of the website and the entire user experience along the buying journey.

The team at Stone Marketing was able to create a more engaging online experience for their customers and buyers with having spent weeks in manual optimization. Now, having more pre-qualified lead profiles for each sign-up on hand reassures the team in their sales conversations with a prospective client and enables them to guide the conversation even more targeted towards a sale.

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