How to Make App Development Faster with Real-Time Communication | Jessica Nelson from Stream

How to Make App Development Faster with Real-Time Communication | Jessica Nelson from Stream


Feeling overwhelmed by the time and resources needed to integrate chat, video, and live feeds into your app? Stream is here to be your hero! This episode dives deep into how Stream’s platform empowers app developers to drastically reduce development time. Join us as Jessica Nelson, VP of Growth at Stream, unveils their secrets. Learn how Stream’s intuitive tools and APIs streamline the process, allowing you to focus on building a fantastic app experience.

Discover how Stream can take your app development from zero to hero, helping you launch features faster and unlock significant growth potential.

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Ernesto: Welcome to today’s episode of Pathmonk Presents. Pathmonk is an intelligent tool for website lead generation, transforming over 98 percent of website visitors who don’t convert by analyzing their behavior and delivering targeted micro-experiences like case studies and intro videos. Visit us at Today, we’re joined by Jessica Nelson, Vice President of Growth at Stream. How are you today, Jessica?

Jessica Nelson: I’m great, thanks for having me.

Ernesto: It’s great to have you on. Could you tell us a bit more about what Stream does?

Jessica Nelson: Certainly. Stream powers real-time communication for apps you might be using every day, like Patreon and Strava. We handle the complex back-end infrastructure so these apps can quickly implement features like video streaming, Instagram-like feeds, and WhatsApp-like chats.

Ernesto: What key problem does Stream solve for its clients?

Jessica Nelson: The main challenge is the extensive back-end coding required for integrating real-time communication features into apps. We simplify this process significantly, enabling developers to implement these features in a matter of hours or days, which helps drive user engagement and retention.

Ernesto: Who are Stream’s primary clients?

Jessica Nelson: We focus on several verticals including dating apps, telehealth, and marketplaces, where communication is crucial. We also serve social communities and platforms like Patreon and Strava, where building a sense of community is essential.

Ernesto: How do clients typically discover Stream?

Jessica Nelson: Our developer advocacy team plays a crucial role by engaging with developers globally and showing them how Stream can expedite their development process. We also utilize targeted paid ads and account-based marketing to reach the right companies and personas.

Ernesto: What role does your website play in client acquisition?

Jessica Nelson: Our website is pivotal. Visitors can start building with a free account, chat with our support team for quick queries, or request more detailed information if needed. It offers multiple paths to engage with us depending on the visitor’s preference.

Ernesto: Any particular tools or methods you’d recommend for website lead generation?

Jessica Nelson: I’m a big fan of using chatbots. They allow real-time interaction and can significantly speed up the engagement process, reducing the time from initial contact to conversion.

Ernesto: As Vice President of Growth, what are some of your key daily tasks?

Jessica Nelson: My role is quite diverse. I oversee field marketing, our SDR team, and our mid-market AEs. My primary focus is on supporting these teams by providing them with the necessary tools and resources, ensuring we meet our metrics, and preparing for upcoming quarters.

Ernesto: Where do you go to stay updated with the latest marketing strategies?

Jessica Nelson: I regularly read outlets like Marketing Brew for quick, digestible updates. For more sales-focused insights, I follow thought leaders like Morgan Ingram.

Ernesto: Lastly, if you could give one piece of advice to someone starting their marketing career, what would it be?

Jessica Nelson: Always be willing to try new strategies and stick with what works. The field of marketing is ever-evolving, so staying adaptable and learning from both successes and failures is key.

Ernesto: Before we conclude, if our listeners could remember one thing about Stream, what should it be?

Jessica Nelson: Remember that Stream is helping developers integrate real-time communication features into apps quickly and efficiently, enhancing the user experience in many of the apps you use daily.

Ernesto: Jessica, thank you for sharing your insights today. Listeners, you can learn more by visiting Looking forward to our next episode. Thanks a lot, Jessica.

Jessica Nelson: Thanks for having me, Ernesto. Happy to share about Stream and looking forward to engaging with your audience again.