Influencing Buyers: The Awareness and Consideration Journey | Interview with Ozlem Kilavuz from CloudSource

Influencing Buyers The Awareness and Consideration Journey Interview with Ozlem Kilavuz from CloudSource


To grow is to embrace the changing world around us, rather than fear it. So we have to transform. And today, that means digitally. Even traditional sectors, like governments, can’t ignore the shift to the digital revolution. Helping government organizations in the UK public sector digitally transform is CloudSource, a Digital Transformation, Strategy & Delivery Gold Microsoft Partner. Giving us more insight into the audience they serve is the Head of Sales & Marketing, Ozlem Kilavuz. Ozlem dives into their efforts to reach this traditional audience through different multichannel and always-on communication. CloudSource’s website is a tool for showcasing its technology, solutions, and benefits by providing informative and educational content to inspire its audience to learn more and reach out to them. Ozlem understands the unique challenges of the government buying process and is working hard to influence that decision through the awareness and consideration journey.

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