Scaling SaaS with channel partners | Interview with Adam Broadway


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In this episode, we are talking to Adam Broadway who is the co-founder of PlatformOS, which is a marketplace engine that connects people, products and projects. Their mission with PlatformOS is to allow anyone with the inclination to build digital technology solutions an easy and effective way of building their ideas and getting it out to market while minimizing the worry, stress, and financial burden that comes with the process.

Adam was previously working with Adobe and from that experience, he decided to build PlatformOS. They have created a platform, operating system that helps other companies build their SaaS products. Adam is passionate about creating a world where a community of global industry experts from startups to enterprise engages with each other and pushes each other to build the best of breed technology solutions.

In this episode, we discussed a lot about starting a new SaaS company and finding your client base. Adam shared insights from his business strategy – for example, he loves the channel partners’ business model and he told us all about it. 

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