Law Firm Marketing Strategies for Client Acquisition | Jason Abraham from Hupy and Abraham



Join us as Jason Abraham, managing partner at Hupy and Abraham, the Midwest’s dominant force in personal injury law, shares his expertise on client acquisition strategies

Learn how to leverage a diverse mix of marketing channels to drive high-quality traffic to your website and convert those visitors into paying clients. Jason delves into the importance of prioritizing the customer journey at every stage, ensuring a positive experience from the initial website visit all the way to successful case resolution. 

Gain valuable insights on optimizing your marketing efforts, crafting a user-friendly website, and prioritizing client needs throughout the process. 

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Stay relevant to your visitors and increase conversions by 50%. Add Pathmonk to your website in seconds, let the AI do all the work, and get access to 50 percent more qualified leads while you keep doing marketing and sales as usual. Welcome to today’s episode. Let’s talk about today’s guest. We have Jason from Hupy and Abraham, managing partner. How are you doing today, Jason?

Jason: I’m doing great. Thanks so much for having me. I’m really excited to be here.

Ernesto: No, it’s exciting as well for us here at Pathmonk Presents, a first of its kind. So, really wanted to dig deep into it and learn a little bit more about what you guys do there in the Midwest. We were talking about it. So, in your own words, Jason, can you tell us a little bit more about your firm?

Jason: Yeah, I’m so proud of the firm. We’re the Midwest’s biggest personal injury law firm. We have offices all through Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. We represent injured people and sue insurance companies and companies that make defective products to try to help injured people.

Ernesto: Definitely. Well, that’s serious. I’m glad that you guys are the best in the Midwest. So that way our listeners can get a good understanding of your firm. Do you guys focus on a certain type of personal injuries, or is there a specific vertical or client that you go for?

Jason: You know, that’s a really interesting question. We founded our firm with the goal of helping injured people. A lot of firms say they’re not going to get involved in a case unless it’s a certain size or they can see a certain dollar amount they’ll recover. We took a different path. My partner, Mike Hupy, and I have been together for 30 years. We decided that we would help injured people regardless of the case size, as long as we believed we could win. Even before personal injury law became a marketing circus, we understood the lifetime value of a client was huge. It didn’t matter how big the individual case was; what mattered was providing great service and making clients happy, so they would refer others to us. Shockingly, we’ve represented over 70,000 people in personal injury matters and received well over a billion dollars for them. We’re also huge marketers, and we understood early on the importance of the lifetime value of clients.

Ernesto: Definitely agree with you. Being voted the best for 12 years in a row proves that. So, is there a top client acquisition channel that you guys have that converts best for you?

Jason: Early on, it was broadcast television. Back when I started, about 30 years ago, there wasn’t the web, local service ads, or pay-per-click. It started with yellow pages and broadcast TV. We increased our budget on broadcast TV, which was the bread and butter 20 years ago. Now, with cord-cutters and streaming, TV in general—broadcast, cable, or cord-cutting—is still the name of the game because it has the biggest reach. But that’s not enough anymore. To be a full-service and big player, you have to figure it all out, find experts in each area, and spend the money to hire the best.

Ernesto: Definitely. So that way our listeners can check you guys out, they can visit What role would you say the website plays in client acquisition?

Jason: The website plays a huge role and requires constant updating. If you look at my website this year, it looks different than last year. You get what you pay for, and the website is a key tool. It allows prospective clients to check you out anonymously, see your results, and learn about the services you provide. Our website showcases our successes, mission statement, community contributions, and more. It’s one of the most important tools any business has because it reflects who you are and what you do.

Ernesto: Sounds like you have a good understanding of it. Are there any tools, tips, or methods you would recommend for website lead generation?

Jason: For us, driving as many people as we can to the website is key. We use various advertising mechanisms to drive traffic there. Our website showcases all our results, happy customers, community work, articles, big cases, and videos. We also use live chat, which has become a huge feature for us. People can start talking with someone immediately if they’re nervous about picking up the phone. We sign up many cases through live chat. We constantly research and update our methods, understanding that Google changes its analytics all the time. You have to consistently spend money to stay on top. Failure is part of the process. If you’re not failing 50 percent of the time, you’re not trying hard enough.

Ernesto: Definitely agree. Technology keeps evolving, and you have to keep up. Seeing your competition copy what you’re doing shows you’re on the cutting edge. Let’s switch gears a bit and talk about you as a leader. As the managing partner at Hupy and Abraham, what are some key tasks you focus on in your day-to-day work?

Jason: It’s about giving my key people the autonomy to do their jobs well. Micromanaging doesn’t get the most out of your staff. You need to make sure your employees are productive, creative, and happy. Happy employees provide better service, leading to happy clients who refer others. We also send anonymous surveys to clients after their cases to find any issues and address them. It’s about constantly striving to be better and learning from any mistakes.

Ernesto: Great advice. Letting employees be creative and happy is key. Let’s jump into our rapid-fire question round. Are you ready?

Jason: I am.

Ernesto: First off, what is the last book you read?

Jason: I read a John Grisham book. I love those easy reads.

Ernesto: Great read. Next, what is one single thing that your firm is focused on at the moment the most?

Jason: Customer service. We’re trying to have the best customer experience possible.

Ernesto: Definitely. Finding that 0.1 percent of unhappy clients goes a long way. Next, if there were no boundaries in technology, what would be that one thing you would want to have fixed for your role as a marketer today?

Jason: In my business, personal injury lawyers are not allowed to directly approach clients after an accident. If we could change that, it would allow great lawyers to get in front of people before they go to less reputable lawyers.

Ernesto: Is there a law that prevents you from going directly, or is it just ethical rules?

Jason: There are ethical rules that lawyers must follow. Some unscrupulous lawyers still do it, but if caught, they could lose their license. We don’t need to do that, but it would be helpful.

Ernesto: Lastly, you have a lot of experience. What is one piece of advice you would give yourself if you were to restart your journey as a lawyer and marketer?

Jason: Be humble. Hard work is a given, but luck and timing play a big role in success. Being humble and giving credit to those who help you along the way is key to getting the most out of your staff and business.

Ernesto: Great advice. Humility goes a long way. We’re coming to an end here, but before we go, I want to give you the last word. If someone forgets everything about the interview today, what is that one thing they should remember about Hupy and Abraham?

Jason: That we’re here to help people.

Ernesto: You guys heard it. You can always check them out at, personal injury lawyers in the Midwest, voted the best for 12 years in a row. Jason, thank you so much for being on with us today. To our listeners, thank you so much for tuning in, and I’m looking forward to our next episode at Pathmonk Presents. Thanks a lot, Jason.

Jason: Thank you.