Managing and Adapting to Rapid Growth & Expansion | Interview with Niklas Dorn from Filestage

Managing and Adapting to Rapid Growth & Expansion Interview with Niklas Dorn from Filestage


Creating quality, original and valuable content involves a few milestones. Collecting research, creating and publishing can see one piece of content handed over to different hands with a great deal of back-and-forth to create the perfect piece. Filestage is a review and approval platform that frees teams from chaotic approval processes, making work more joyful and productive. CEO and co-founder, Niklas Dorn dives into the inception of Filestage and what it takes to manage rapid growth. Rapid growth is extremely rewarding; knowing there is a real need and market for your solution. However, it opens up its own versions of challenges that can test a company’s growth. Niklas candidly discusses this growth and how it impacted their website lead generation and customer experience; giving the listeners tips and insights into better management and adaptability.

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