Maximizing Website Conversions and Diversifying Growth | Interview with Whitney Adair from Orderly Health

Maximizing Website Conversions and Diversifying Growth Interview with Whitney Adair from Orderly Health


Everybody wants control and you certainly what control of your data to make informed and accurate decisions. Orderly Health uses AI and machine learning to automate and improve provider data workflows across the healthcare ecosystem. Whitney Adair, Vice President of Growth explains that their core mission is to ensure patients can access the right clinicians at the right time by presenting accurate provider data. Orderly Health is launching a new product that helps patients understand where clinicians are working and if it aligns with their network. Their diversified growth strategy includes outreach, content marketing, and their website. By publishing content that demonstrates their understanding of the problems they solve, they have been successful in attracting visitors to their blog and website. The website serves as their digital front door, especially for those in the awareness stage, and plays a crucial role in converting visitors into potential businesses or setting up calls with their team. As a B2B SaaS company, they prioritize specific social media channels, recognizing that they maximize website conversions by establishing their credibility and providing information about their services. As the VP of Growth, Whitney focuses on storytelling and targeting the right audience.

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