Navigating Startup Growth: Moving from Outbound to Inbound Strategies | Interview with Ransom Hawley from Caddle

Navigating Startup Growth Moving from Outbound to Inbound Strategies Interview with Ransom Hawley from Caddle


We’re all about leveraging insights and data to make actionable changes. So we were eager to welcome Fonder and CEO of Caddle, Ransom Hawley. Caddle is the largest mobile-first insights platform that rewards Canadians for sharing data and engaging with brands. Ransom helps us understand how it works. Consumers download the app and get rewarded for sharing their data and engaging with brands by uploading receipts, responding to surveys, purchasing products, and opting into different ways. Ransom discusses their lead generation channels as they rely on outbound methods, such as more referrals from existing clients. And their website has been updated recently to focus on ratings and reviews while supporting customer research. Caddle’s focus is on receipt data and syndicating ratings and reviews. Ransom admits that the website’s role needs optimization and improvement as they begin to scale its growth. Ransom dives into the challenges of startup growth and balancing a remote team. 

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