Nurturing & Acquiring with Unique Experiences & Exclusive Content | Interview with Stephen Sidlo from Airspeeder

Nurturing & Acquiring with Unique Experiences & Exclusive Content Interview with Stephen Sidlo from Airspeeder


Speed, flying cars, and technology, it’s where the future is going. And Airspeeder is a big part of that future. Airspeeder is the world’s first racing series for hydrogen-electric flying cars. Stephen Sidlo, Global Media & Marketing Director explains that their key goal is to create a competition that allows companies in the flying car industry to test their technology and build a future for everyone. The main challenge they face is understanding their target audience and building trust in this new form of transportation. They are using data to learn about their customer’s habits and preferences. The team also follows a well-established path in sports marketing, focusing on science and technology, motorsport, and gaming elements to engage their audience. The website plays a crucial role in gathering new customers and building their CRM. They constantly announce new technologies, partners, and race locations to engage their audience. Steven emphasizes the need to balance finding new customers while also nurturing and rewarding their existing audience through unique experiences and exclusive content. He acknowledges the importance of continuous improvement and the focus on customer success.

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