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Pathmonk’s pricing fits your business

The pricing is customized for you, based on factors such as number of website visitors and the number of products supported. Pricing is designed to fit businesses large and small. Pathmonk’s team works directly with you to ensure the ideal pricing for your business.

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What you will get

Pathmonk is a modern conversion optimisation system that increases your website conversion rate
  • 1.

    Supercharged Conversion & Qualification

    Pathmonk's Artificial Intelligence website plugin increase qualified demos, trials, leads, sales etc. with zero changes to the website

  • 2.

    Powered by Artificial Intelligence

    Self-improving client acquisition. Pathmonk understands the behavior of your visitors and serves the most relevant next step.

  • 3.

    Optimized for Mobile Web

    With Pathmonk you offer a friction-free mobile experience immediately. It doesn't slow down your website at all.

  • 4.

    Custom Look & Feel

    Pathmonk works immediately on every website providing intelligent in-web notifications that match your Corporate Design and just feel like a part of your page.

Shared success

We believe Pathmonk’s success should reflect your success. Our pricing is designed to scale with you, focusing on your business’ outcomes by aligning our pricing axis with the amount of leads we provide from your website.

Best-in-class Conversion & Qualification

Pathmonk’s mission is to provide an effortless way to use Artificial Intelligence for your business. We go above and beyond to grow your client base from your existing assets like your website and social media.

Scales with you

Whether you see a jump in traffic or need additional SmartCards or Integrations, Pathmonk has the infrastructure in place to grow as you do, regardless of size or use case.

We are here to help

Pathmonk offers support levels to best meet the needs of your business. Whether those needs are large or small, we provide pre-defined support levels to guide your success.

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