Responsive & Personalized Content To Support the Buyer’s Journey | Interview with Chanyu Kuo from EdgeNext

Responsive & Personalized Content To Support the Buyer’s Journey Interview with Chanyu Kuo from EdgeNext


‘Information technology and the ability to connect and communicate play a fundamental role in our society’, says our guest today, Chanyu Kuo. Chanyu is the Global Marketing & Account Manager at EdgeNext, a unified global edge cloud platform. They help clients accelerate websites, applications, media content, and large file downloads to ensure they’re delivering a seamless and secure user experience. Ensuring their clients optimize user experiences we were eager to learn how Chanyu and the team support their own buying journey. Chanyu discusses the importance of responsive and personalized content that creates a frictionless and informative buying journey. This is key to their website user experience. As the global marketing and account manager, Chanyu also dives into their omnichannel marketing efforts and the role reviews and e-word of mouth play in a buyer’s decision.

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