How to think about the best metrics for your website | Interview with Dean Lynn

Business Development Expert

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Marketing and business development is what Dean has done for his entire career. He started within marketing agencies and brands, to market his own products, and thus has seen every side there is to marketing.

When it comes to creating your marketing strategy he is an honest realist who wants to get results. He comes with vast knowledge of both technical marketing and traditional marketing, as well as experience of commercial business success. He love to figure out how to take growth to the next level. As an experienced business growth consultant, he has worked across multiple sectors with established brands to bring them results on their marketing efforts. This has resulted in more leads, more profits and brand dominance.

Today we talk about how Dean, a growth expert, thinks about the best metrics for your website & how your online form fields might just make you loose business. We dive into what makes a successful website. Tune in…