Start-Up Challenges: Doing More with Less and Creating Demand | Interview with Heidi Hamilton from CyberPatient

Start-Up Challenges Doing More with Less and Creating Demand Interview with Heidi Hamilton from CyberPatient


Now more than ever, the world needs qualified healthcare professionals. Helping to revolutionize medical education by closing the gap between the theory and practice of medicine is Cyberpatient, a digital technology development company that focuses on medical and health education. Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Heidi Hamilton, dives into the industry they serve and how they create a safe environment that allows students to practice their clinical skills and improve their decision-making abilities. Heidi gives us insight into the unique start-up challenges in this complex environment and their grassroots approach to reaching their target audience. Delivering scientific papers and research to present the product’s effectiveness is critical to creating demand, while their website serves as a point of credibility and a means to understand with their knowledge base and interactive demo.

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