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Table Needs, founded by seasoned professionals from the food industry, specializes in offering robust POS solutions tailored specifically for quick-service restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. Their mission is to transform these establishments into high-performing, profit-generating entities through intuitive and powerful products and services.

The Challenge: Poor Website Results

Robbie Trione, the Marketing Director at Table Needs, faced the significant task of increasing the number of demos booked through their website with qualified leads, without the process requiring continuous oversight or excessive maintenance. 

The goal was to find a solution that enhances website interaction to convert visitors into potential customers efficiently.

The Solution: AI-Powered Personalized Engagement

Pathmonk was introduced to address these challenges by utilizing AI-generated interactions that assist visitors at different stages of their buying journey. Our engine helped by:

  • Optimizing each buying stage with dynamic experiences: From the initial awareness where the issue is recognized, through the consideration of options, to the decision-making stage, Pathmonk provided targeted solutions that matched the visitors’ needs at the right time:
    • Awareness stage: Introduced a series of engaging microexperiences like introductory videos that quickly highlight the services offered by Table Needs, helping to capture and retain visitor attention.
    • Consideration stage: Deployed strategically designed content that facilitated comparisons and detailed insights into the POS systems, reinforcing the value proposition.
    • Decision stage: Implemented concise, clear, and compelling call-to-actions and simplified sign-up forms for demos or consultations, making it easy for the customers to take the next step.
  • Experiences based on real-time behavior: The experiences offered to visitors are crafted in real-time, based on their current behavior on the website, allowing for highly personalized and relevant interactions that drive engagement and conversions.
  • Easy and quick implementation: The setup process with Pathmonk was straightforward and fast, allowing Table Needs to quickly benefit from the new tools without a lengthy integration phase.
  • Cookieless technology: Pathmonk uses cookieless technology, ensuring privacy compliance and avoiding reliance on traditional tracking methods which can be intrusive and are increasingly restricted by new regulations.

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The Results: +30% Demos Booked

Within two months of implementing Pathmonk, Table Needs experienced a significant uplift in their conversion rates:

30% increase in lead conversions: The integration of Pathmonk resulted in a 30% increase in the number of demos booked, demonstrating a tangible impact on the business’s bottom line.

Streamlined user engagement: The AI capabilities of Pathmonk allowed the company to maintain user engagement effectively, leading to higher conversion rates without the need for constant manual intervention.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficiency through automation: Pathmonk’s solutions minimized the need for continuous manual intervention, allowing the marketing team at Table Needs to focus on other strategic initiatives. Automation in content delivery and visitor engagement proved not only efficient but highly effective.
  • Transforming data into decisions: The ability of Pathmonk to transform raw behavioral data into actionable, conversion-optimized experiences highlights the transformative power of AI in decision-making processes. This not only simplifies the marketing strategy but also makes it more dynamic and responsive to actual user needs.
  • Future-proofing through technology: By adopting cookieless tracking technologies, Table Needs is not just aligning with current privacy laws but is also setting up its marketing strategies to be resilient against future changes in internet privacy norms. This forward-thinking approach secures their operations and builds trust with their audience.

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