The Power of Organic Growth and a Strong Reputation in a Competitive Landscape | Interview with Scott Berman from ORB X

The Power of Organic Growth and a Strong Reputation in a Competitive Landscape Interview with Scott Berman from ORB X (1)


We can always do more, be more, get more done. But that often requires support and teamwork. So whatever you sell ORB X will help you sell more of it. We scale eCommerce globally, affordably, and profitably. Scott Berman, Co-Founder, and Managing Director at ORB X gives us more insight into their e-commerce company that focuses on extending the lifetime value of their clients’ customers through tailored e-commerce initiatives without the burden of operational expenses. Scott discusses how ORB X combines technology and human expertise to address supply chain challenges caused by events like Brexit and global pandemics. He highlights the company’s success in client acquisition through word-of-mouth and recommendations from satisfied clients, which have fueled the company’s organic growth. Scott emphasizes the significance of the website as a crucial tool for business success. However, he admits that their website’s current shortcomings lie in its inability to efficiently guide potential clients toward relevant information and easy sign-up options. Scott acknowledges the need to improve their outbound and inbound marketing strategies to drive more targeted traffic to their website and enhance the website’s ability to convert visitors into leads. Despite these challenges, the company’s strong reputation and focus on problem-solving have allowed them to thrive and continue organic growth in the highly competitive e-commerce industry.

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