The Power of Storytelling in Building a Compelling Brand | Interview with Ben Reisler from WE.VESTR

The Power of Storytelling in Building a Compelling Brand Interview with Ben Reisler from WE.VESTR


We don’t ask for much, except a little bit of control. To have full insight, overview, and management. WE.VESTR, a shareholder management platform, helps founders do just that. Ben Reisler, Head of Marketing, discusses how their shareholder management platform helps startups by saving them time and streamlining reporting processes. They offer a single place for companies to manage their cap table, financial data, KPIs, fundraising scenarios, and more. While they work with various industries, they often cater to tech companies and have expanded their presence in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, and the Nordics. Ben shares their growth strategies, which include fundamental tactics like SEO, Google Ads, and lead nurturing initiatives, as well as community marketing through events, webinars, and free educational content. He emphasizes the importance of the website as a conversion point and discusses the role of community management in gathering feedback for sales and product teams. Ben reminds us of the power and importance of storytelling in building a compelling brand and community. 

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