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Thrive Learning is a learning technology company focused on revolutionizing workplace learning and development. With a mission to empower employers to effectively upskill their teams, Thrive Learning serves over three million users globally. Known for its rapid growth and innovative approach, the company challenges traditional learning methods by leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance user engagement and learning effectiveness.

The Challenge: Low Demo Bookings & Poor Lead Quality

Under the leadership of Acquisition Marketing Manager, Tom Trafford, Thrive Learning faced the challenge of increasing both the quantity and quality of its demo bookings. The primary goal was to attract higher-ticket clients while boosting the overall number of demos. 

Despite having substantial monthly website traffic, previous conversion rate optimization strategies had not delivered the expected ROI. 

Thrive Learning was in urgent need of a solution that could offer deep insights into customer behavior and facilitate a more targeted marketing approach.

The Solution: AI-Powered Lead Qualification

To overcome this challenge, Thrive Learning integrated Pathmonk’s personalized interactions into their website. This strategy focused on providing tailored content and experiences at various stages of the user’s buying journey, aiming to enhance user engagement and guide potential customers towards making a purchase decision, such as:

  • Introduction videos: Used at the awareness stage to quickly communicate the value proposition and establish a connection.
  • Showcasing reviews and case studies: Featured during the consideration phase to build trust and credibility through social proof.
  • One-click demo booking: Implemented at the decision stage to streamline the demo booking process, making it easy for visitors to take action.

Why did HR for Health choose Pathmonk instead of more traditional CRO tools such as Mutiny, Drift, Gong, or ClickFunnels?

  • AI-driven personalization: Pathmonk utilizes artificial intelligence to personalize website content to the specific needs of each visitor, enhancing conversion rates at every stage of the buying journey.
  • Automatically created experiences: Pathmonk automatically creates tailored experiences without the need for manual content creation, streamlining the engagement process and ensuring relevant interactions for every user.
  • Pathmonk Intelligence data insights and A/B testing: Thrive Learning was able to use Pathmonk Intelligence to easily communicate the value and impact of the micro-experiences.  With just a few clicks, buying journey, traffic, and acquisition reports can be saved and downloaded from Pathmonk Intelligence and sent to the team. The A/B testing features provide clear insight into the increase in conversions by visitors who were shown Pathmonk micro-experiences
  • Cookieless solution: Pathmonk does not rely on tracking cookies, aligning with privacy standards and user preferences, crucial for maintaining trust in sensitive industries like HR.


The Results: +117% High-Ticket Leads

117% Increase in website conversions: The number of demo requests submitted via the website more than doubled, highlighting a substantial improvement in conversion rates.

Improved quality of leads: The tailored content and personalized interactions led to an increase in high-quality, high-ticket leads, meeting the goal of attracting better-qualified prospects.

Enhanced user engagement: The use of Pathmonk Intelligence allowed Thrive Learning to track and measure the impact of micro-experiences on user engagement across different stages of the buying journey.

Effective reporting and insights: The availability of detailed analytics and easy-to-generate reports provided clear evidence of Pathmonk’s influence, with A/B testing showing a positive impact on the number of demos requested on the website.

Key Insights

  • Personalization pays off: Customizing the user journey to match different buying stages dramatically boosts engagement and conversion rates, proving that tailored experiences resonate more deeply with users.
  • Quick and clear wins: Delivering content that is both swift and succinct, especially at critical decision points, significantly enhances the likelihood of conversion.
  • Data-driven decisions: Leveraging tools like Pathmonk Intelligence for A/B testing offers clear, quick insights into the effectiveness of digital strategies, underlining the value of informed decision-making in marketing efforts.

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