Unleashing the Transformative Potential of an Engaging Educational Website | Interview with Marco De Rossi from WeSchool

Unleashing the Transformative Potential of an Engaging Educational Website Interview with Marco De Rossi from WeSchool


Education has to adapt to the unique ways individuals learn; to become more engaging, accessible, and collaborative. Marco De Rossi, CEO and founder of WeSchool, discusses his company’s mission to revolutionize digital learning. WeSchool is an Italian ed-tech startup that aims to create a more engaging and collaborative learning experience for both educators and students. They focus on cooperative learning and building communities where individuals learn by doing activities together. WeSchool’s clients include companies that prioritize impactful learning for their employees. In terms of client acquisition, WeSchool employs a mix of outreach for large companies and inbound marketing, including digital advertising and content marketing. At the forefront of facilitating engaging education, their website is seen as a crucial selling tool in the current digital era, and they continuously work on improving it by showcasing specific use cases and verticals. By leveraging their website as the primary platform for information dissemination and interaction, WeSchool strives to create an immersive, engaging educational website and experience that captivates visitors, with a keen focus on user-friendly design. Through intuitive navigation, informative content, and visually appealing elements, the website not only conveys the company’s mission and values but also enables visitors to delve deeper into specific use cases and verticals catered to different industries.

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