Streamlining the User Experience: The Power of a Conversion-Focused Website | Interview with Alex Persky-Stern from Waymark

Streamlining the User Experience The Power of a Conversion-Focused Website Interview with Alex Persky-Stern from Waymark


AI video is making TV, CTV, and digital advertising effortless and limitless. Waymark is the breakthrough AI production platform that uses a single prompt to create stunning, personalized commercials and spec spots in minutes. Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark discusses their focus on boosting local sales through easy video applications in TV, CTV, and digital ads. Alex gives us insight into their customer acquisition efforts. They form channel partnerships with media companies and agencies that already work with local businesses. Word-of-mouth recommendations also play a significant role in acquiring customers. Waymark’s conversion-focused website encourages visitors to try the demo which is key to providing a quick and understandable experience and driving qualified leads. The website also serves to provide context and answer basic questions about Waymark’s services. However, the challenge lies in catering to different types of customers without diluting the main message. Waymark acknowledges the need to minimize friction in order to increase conversions, especially for actions like trying the product or demo. They emphasize the importance of maintaining a low barrier to entry and avoiding overcomplicating the product or demo experience.

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