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VSL is known for its innovative, high-quality products and services in the temporary fencing industry. Their core services include appointment setting, telemarketing, and telesales for B2B clients. With a mission to help clients reach their full potential, VSL is led by Andy Dickens, who oversees inbound channels.

The Challenge: Not Enough Qualified Leads

Despite VSL strong reputation for innovative products and services, the company faced a dilemma: a significant number of website visitors were not converting into qualified leads.

The core issue was the lack of engagement with potential customers in real-time. VSL realized that improving the overall buying journey was essential to address this challenge. However, they also needed to do so in a cost-effective manner. This was a crucial requirement, as VSL was committed to maintaining its high standards of service without compromising on efficiency or budget.

The Solution: Personalize the Customer Journey

VSL sought to improve lead conversion and turned to Pathmonk. Our engine created personalized interactions on their website matching each visitor’s real-time intent, ensuring timely and relevant information. Within just five days, the platform was up and running, requiring no additional effort from VSL’s team. This was crucial for the company, as they wanted a solution that could be integrated into their existing systems and processes without disrupting their operations. 

  • Pathmonk provided tailored interactions based on each visitor’s buying journey stage.
  • The platform was implemented quickly and required no additional effort from VSL’s team.
  • Pathmonk’s automatic content matching ensured relevant messaging at every step of the buyer’s journey.
  • The seamless conversion process eliminated friction, making it easy for potential customers to convert into qualified leads.

The Results: +138% Marketing Qualified Leads

✅ Within a month of implementing Pathmonk, VSL experienced a notable surge in engagement, page views, and the number of visitors to their website.

✅ The most significant outcome, however, was the remarkable 138% increase in lead conversions, which was a direct result of Pathmonk’s personalized approach to the buyer’s journey.

✅ Pathmonk’s analytics capabilities played a crucial role in this success, allowing VSL to gain valuable insights into their customers’ behavior and preferences.

✅ Armed with this data, VSL was able to make informed, data-driven decisions to further optimize the buyer’s journey, ultimately leading to even more significant improvements in lead conversions and sales performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traffic isn’t everything: Personalizing the buying journey and its touchpoints is crucial for lead conversion. Spend less time focusing on the top of the funnel and optimize results from the audience that already knows you.
  • No time to waste: Pathmonk delivers immediate, high-quality marketing results. Whenever a marketing team needs a quick, sustainable fix of their results, Pathmonk is there to save the day.
  • No data, no fun: Data-driven decisions are essential for enhancing the user experience and generating more leads.

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