Top 10 Best LinkedIn Influencers about AI Marketing to Follow

Top 10 LinkedIn influencers about AI

Who are The Best LinkedIn Influencers about AI Marketing?

Alright, gather ’round! Today, we’re giving you the virtual backstage pass to the who’s who of LinkedIn influencers about  AI.  In this world where information overload is the new normal, the guidance of thought leaders is invaluable. This comprehensive guide explores the insights and unique contributions of the Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers about AI marketing. We all spend at least 30 minutes of our day on LinkedIn, right? And that makes it the perfect place to learn about AI.

You’ve probably heard whispers about the enchanting world of AI, Chatgpt, and Digital Marketing, but what’s the secret sauce that changes these influencers into the AI thought leaders they are? This post is your VIP access to the crème de la crème LinkedIn influencers, offering you front-row seats to snatch up the savviest, slickest, and snappiest insights regarding AI marketing. 

Table of Contents

1. Ruben Hassid: Master AI Before it Masters You

Meet Ruben Hassid, a LinkedIn luminary with a following that could fill a stadium – 280K and counting. His LinkedIn journey began in May 2022, and oh boy, has it been a rollercoaster. Ruben’s mantra? “Master AI before it masters you.” The guy talks about AI, Openai, Chatgpt, and AI content like it’s the juiciest gossip in town.

He started off with just a few hundred followers here, a few impressions there. Then, enter ChatGPT, the AI cupid that changed the game. Fast forward to January, and Ruben’s sharing the AI love with his community. The result? From 50k impressions to a whopping 1.5 million views. Suddenly, he’s drowning in requests. “Ruben, can you handle my job interview?” “Ruben, can you craft a marketing campaign?”.

Mission accepted – Ruben’s became the bridge between people and AI. Ruben’s walking the walk, helping over 25,000 students kickstart their AI journey. Want a piece of the action? Head to for courses on ChatGPT and Midjourney – it’s like Hogwarts for AI enthusiasts.

Oh, and did we mention he’s the 2nd World Content Creator on Linkedin (Favikon)? Ruben Hassid – where AI dreams come true.

2. Rory Flynn: Midjourney Mastery for Marketers

Next up in our AI cavalcade is Rory Flynn, the Midjourney Mastery maestro with 40K followers. Rory’s all about AI, marketing, Midjourney, and operations. Ever wondered if you could bring your thoughts to life? Save 5-6 hours of work per week? Build a system that saves your business money? Rory’s got the antidote for your daydreams.

In a world of fake robot creations, Rory keeps it real. AI’s here, evolving, and not slowing down, but here’s the kicker – you’re swamped, don’t know how to harness its power, or leverage it in your business. That’s where Rory and the Midjourney Mastery squad come in. They’re here to help brands and businesses maximize AI’s potential in the workplace. Their mission? Create time, increase ROI, and revolutionize your workflows. Cue the confetti!

Sure, you’ve seen futuristic art and AI-generated poems, but Rory’s on a mission to prove there’s more to AI than meets the eye. 100% more, to be exact. 

3. Pathmonk: Your AI Marketing Daily Whisperer

We’re taking a detour into the realm where marketing meets sales, with Pathmonk, and their 10K followers. Their mission? Turn your website into a sales machine. Daily posts about AI, CRO, personalization, and smart analytics, they’re not just talking the talk; they’re walking the sales walk. Every day they share insightful posts about AI applied to marketing and sales. Pathmonk also invites industry experts to talk on their podcast and share their knowledge on LinkedIn every day.

Pathmonk’s got the tools to tackle your web conversion dilemmas, and attribution headaches, and even throws in lightweight analytics and cookieless retargeting for good measure. It’s like having a digital sales whisperer on your team.

Intent Data Profiles? Pathmonk’s your guy. Lead Qualification? They’ve got it down to a science. Funnel Optimization? They’ll guide you through your sales maze. The best part? No website changes needed – Pathmonk’s the magician who works with what you’ve got. Integrations? Check. They’re in cahoots with various CRM and marketing automation tools. If you’re on the prowl for a powerhouse tool to amp up your website conversions, Pathmonk’s the secret sauce. 

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4. Leonard Rodman: The AI Voice and Image Whisperer

Say hello to Leonard Rodman, the top AI voice and image generator expert in town, boasting 11K followers. Leonard’s playground? AI, Chat GPT, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and learning and development. Think of him as the maestro behind the AI symphony, showcasing how to make the most of AI with free content.

Prompt engineering, prompt library development – Leonard’s your go-to guy. He’s not just a spectator in the AI game; he’s in the arena, creating over 300 guides about multimodal AI. He’s actively shaping the AI landscape.

Generated over 100,000 Midjourney images? Check. Leonard’s not just an observer; he’s a hands-on AI influencer. If you’re diving into the AI world and want a guide, Leonard’s the one holding the torch.

5. Jordan Wilson: The Everyday AI Maestro

Jordan Wilson is the AI strategist and consultant, with 14K followers. He’s walking the walk with Accelerant Agency, scaling small businesses by unleashing digital strategies. The Everyday AI podcast is Jordan’s brainchild, a daily livestream and newsletter where he helps everyday people supercharge their careers with AI. From snagging a 7-figure project in Michael Jordan’s boardroom to doubling online revenue for 8-figure businesses, Jordan shares on his 20+ years of lessons and tips.

Why work without the internet? How to run a company with less than an hour a week in your email inbox? Jordan’s got stories, and he’s ringing the dang bell to share them. If you’re hungry for productivity tips, career growth insights, and a peek into Jordan’s extraordinary journey, buckle up – the Everyday AI Maestro is ready to spill the beans.

6. Mark Savant: The Podcasting AI Maverick

Meet Mark Savant, the man with 5K followers on a mission to launch and automate podcasts, innovate with AI, and help professionals build their digital footprint. He’s all about AI, automation, podcasting, entrepreneurship, and content creation.

Host of the After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast, Mark is turning Zoom calls into a marketing, media machine. The deal? You record, he transforms it into an audio podcast, YouTube content, SEO-rich blog, email newsletter, and daily content for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

In Mark’s world, if you’re not digitally present in 2023, do you even exist? If you’re a business owner, coach, or personal brand builder seeking a hassle-free solution for content creation, Mark’s your man.

7. Andrew Ng: The Global AI Trailblazer

Dr. Andrew Ng is a global AI luminary. Founder of DeepLearning.AI, CEO of Landing AI, General Partner at AI Fund, Chairman and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University’s Computer Science Department. His playground? The entire AI universe.

Dr. Ng is not just a pioneer; he’s a trailblazer in machine learning and online education. Recognized by Time 100, his impact on AI is immeasurable. From authoring over 200 research papers to founding platforms like Coursera, Dr. Ng is on a mission to make AI accessible to all. Need to kickstart your Data-centric AI journey? Head to, where Dr. Ng shares the latest developments and best practices to fuel your AI exploration.

8. Bowen Moody: The AI Sales Revolutionist

Here comes Bowen Moody, the kite-surfing AI enthusiast with 10K followers. He talks about AI, Saas, sales, remote work, and sales enablement. Founder of Wonderway, Bowen’s on a mission to help companies set up their salespeople for success through better coaching and the right use of AI.

Wonderway is like an AI Coach giving instant qualitative feedback after every sales call – and that’s Bowen’s brainchild. But there’s more – a weekly newsletter, monthly webinars, and a podcast where industry experts spill their AI secrets.

Bowen’s not just about AI and sales; he’s also a remote work advocate and a kite surfer in his free time. If you’re looking for AI-infused sales strategies, career growth insights, and a dash of kite-surfing wisdom, Bowen’s your go-to guide.

9. Bjion Henry: The AI Efficiency Maven

Say hello to Bjion Henry, a LinkedIn Top Voice in AI with 8.6K followers. His arena? AI, Chat GPT, B2B sales, and artificial intelligence. His mission? Helping businesses become more efficient by building ChatGPT-based products.

He’s not just influencing; he’s building AI products, training AI on businesses’ data, designing and developing customer-facing products, and teaching the latest AI innovations. Bjion’s journey includes launching a consumer app, bootstrapping a design agency, working at Google, and launching a clothing brand at 17.

Bjion’s the AI efficiency maven you didn’t know you needed. Whether you’re looking to leverage AI in your business or craving a peek into the life of a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Bjion’s got the insights.

10. Kieran Gilmurray: The Data Doctor

Last but certainly not least, Kieran Gilmurray, the data doctor with 16K followers. He’s all about digital, technology, generative AI, intelligent automation, and artificial intelligence. Kieran’s mission? Helping 100,000 businesses make a monumental impact on the world using digital technologies.

A six-time LinkedIn Top Voice, Kieran’s bagged awards, including being one of the World’s Top 200 Business and Technology Innovators. His services span technology consulting, AI, data analytics, and generative AI. Kieran is a digital dynamo ready to guide you through the technology landscape.

BONUS: Two Extra LinkedIn Influencers about AI

Our exploration wouldn’t be complete without shining a spotlight on two extraordinary creators who are making waves in the AI sea.

11. Justin Hardy: The Architect of Unique AI Marketing Funnels

With a following of 6K, Justin Hardy is not your run-of-the-mill marketing consultant. His playground? The intricate art of AI Marketing Funnels and Systems, focusing on E-Commerce, Wellness, and Agencies. What sets him apart? He is on a mission to help small businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs attract, engage, and sell to their ideal clients online. His toolkit? A 100% unique approach to digital marketing content. From ads to emails, lead magnets to social media posts, funnels to webinars, and websites to VSLs – Justin crafts custom campaigns that stand out in a sea of templated content.

12. Neil Patel: The Marketing King with an AI Twist

Now, let’s turn our attention to the titan of marketing with a whopping 550K followers – Neil Patel. The founder of Neil Patel Digital, a LinkedIn Top Voice, and a recurring figure in discussions about AI. 

New York Times bestselling author, recognized as a top influencer on the web by The Wall Street Journal, one of the top 10 marketers according to Forbes, and acknowledged as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and under the age of 35 by the United Nations, just that! 

His marketing blog pulls in over 4 million visitors per month, the Marketing School podcast racks up over 1 million listens monthly, and his YouTube channel on marketing boasts over 31 million views and 765,000 subscribers. Long story short – he’s a must-follow.

The Bottom Line

There you have it – a whirlwind tour of the LinkedIn influencers about AI marketing. From love stories with ChatGPT to AI Coach revolutions, sales enablement, podcasting heroes, and global AI trailblazers, these influencers are shaping the future. So, buckle up, fellow AI enthusiasts – the LinkedIn AI galaxy awaits your exploration. 

Ready to ride the digital waves? Let the adventure begin!