3 Key Questions to Answer for a Successful Website & Quality Sales | Interview with Elliot Zissman from Phase 2

3 Key Questions to Answer for a Successful Website & Quality Sales Interview with Elliot Zissman from Phase 2


Everyone needs a little support every now and then. Even as marketers and sales professionals, if we don’t think so, support from solutions and teams can be a great asset to business success. Phase 2, as a sales and marketing agency, supports the industry professionals in their mission to be more efficient at what they do and generate meaningful conversations.

The founder and director, Elliot Zissman, takes us through the journey of their clients and how Phase2 helps clients to build trust with prospects and execute powerful and impactful messaging. Phase2 has found success for both themselves and their clients through intelligent LinkedIn campaigns in combination with referrals and strong communication.

For a successful website and purpose-built lead generator, Elliot dives into the 3 key questions any sales or marketing professional should answer. I won’t give it away, because I obviously want you to listen to the interview to gain so much more from Elliot. A successful website and quality lead generation are possible with Elliot’s insights and a little help from Pathmonk?

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Growth Marketers in the show focus mostly on one of the three big problems. Increasing the number of leads, reducing the customer acquisition cost, or improving the lead quality – that’s why they are in growth in the first place. Reports from Gartner and real experience from the guests show that >70% of the buying journey is happening online.

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