3 Ways to Win Mobile Clients Without Redesigning your Website

Have you checked recently how much of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices? It might surprise you, but now more than half of the global web traffic comes from mobile, accounting for over $1.36 trillion! Mobile optimisation is too big of an opportunity for you to ignore. It’s time to support our mobile clients!

The mobile web established itself as the most widely used platform in a world where people have more ways than ever before to search, browse, and shop for products just like yours. So it comes as no surprise that the growing adoption of smartphones is one of the key growth drivers.
Despite these impressive traffic numbers, mobile conversion rates have shown to be significantly lower than on desktop. We have seen this across many clients; beyond that it is backed up by several studies like this recent study, where the average conversion rate on desktop is 2.06%, while mobile visitors convert at 0.55%.

So what is the reason? In most cases the mobile experience isn’t properly focused on because businesses are unaware that their current mobile strategy is not working. The lack of awareness persists despite the fact that website visitors who have a negative experience on a mobile website are 62% less likely to purchase from that business in the future.

What all business owners have in common is that they want to grow. While there are as many growth strategies as there are types of businesses, there is one area where nearly every business has room to improve: the mobile web.

At the same time we know that your team has many other priorities other than focusing solely on a visitor’s mobile web experience. Therefore, in this article we focus on steps that you can take without actually having to change your mobile website, so that you can improve your mobile conversion rate for your consultation calls, brochure downloads or product sales:

Guide the Mobile Clients’ User Journey

Mobile or not, often it takes more than one session to convert visitors into customers. Having said that, you must ensure that you provide a website centered around the right stage in their user journey to provide a user experience that gains trust, positive feedback and sales.

It is easy to assume your website is less personal than your in-person introduction sessions or consultation calls because it is impossible to directly react to their questions. But what if we told you that you can get pretty close? Well, by concentrating your efforts on supporting your visitors online alongside consultation calls you can take a personal approach on both sides!

There is so much potential for your website to offer a much more personal experience if you know-how. Each and every method must really connect with your users so that your website does not seem like a business but rather a supportive virtual home away from home – this can be done through regular, intriguing blog posts that allow users to delve a bit into your websites life and develop a connection with it and its team.

Perhaps implement a video section with a real person regularly speaking about different, informative topics – as this study found in 2017, this approach can have a tremendously powerful effect on the mind of a user as they begin to associate a face with your website rather than a generic business with no identity. Seeing another face can stir emotions of warmth and comfort in us when used in various advertisements but even better is when a person is used in a video where they speak about a specific topic. In this moment the user’s attention will be entirely drawn to that person, taking in all body language, words, facial expressions and thus establish a solid connection with that person.

Less is more when guiding your users on their path toward choosing a product. When writing key information ensure that you nail all the crucial information that you need to get across to your users in as little words as possible – this maintains the clients attention as opposed to a long and daunting chunk of text that your users need to sift through in order to find the useful information. You want your website to offer an efficient and convenient experience for your users, so don’t make them look for a needle in a haystack.

Upgrade the Mobile Clients’ Experience

With increasing demand of mobile visitors, your businesses will have to continue to try to deliver a smooth experience in your mobile websites. Intelligent virtual assistance comes to the rescue and offers ease of conveyance as compared to current solutions like forms and they can simply be added to your website in minutes! There’s already limited space on the screen for the visitor to explore on mobile devices and you can’t afford to take up all that free space with your lead forms (actually 81% of visitors don’t fill out forms at all).

We here at CourseMagnet provide you with a solution in what we call SmartCards – you see, when deciding upon a course people are spoiled for choice and subjected to an infinite amount of advertisements from competitors and their courses through the likes of television, radio, social media and the internet in general – which all claim that they’re the best choice for you and to start your journey with them toward a career in [blank].

Because of all this noise it has become impossible for potential prospects to focus on what they want to do, to listen to their brain, gut and heart. That’s where SmartCards come in! These neat little cards appear in a friendly way just at the right moment to offer help and information about a course that the user has been looking over for some time. It communicates with the user, answers their questions and provides them with the relevant information about a course and where it could lead them down the line. Essentially, it allows freedom of thought without external influence and seeks to support and guide users as opposed to instruct.

Better online guidance ultimately means more brochure downloads, more sales calls and more revenue. A personalised experience that cuts through the noise of academy and course advertisements and focuses solely on the user, supporting them and guiding them towards the best course for them all from the convenience of their Smartphone will in the end get people talking and your client base growing!

Inspire To Convert

We studied the user journey for important purchases like courses, houses or cars, and found it is a very particular journey. Users require research and they very carefully evaluate their time investment, the foreseeable impact on their life and the money they spend. We studied the emotional and psychological factors and this is what we found:

The relevance of certain pieces of information (that affect conversion positively) change throughout the user journey. At the beginning, it is easily accessible hard-facts on the product itself such as price, timing and others that help conversion. The nature of conversion supporting information changes with every visit and moves towards inspiring an improved future outlook for the buyer. So the goal is to keep visitors on the page while at the same time providing as much relevant information as possible so that it will inspire conversions (information they would otherwise trigger search on forums, blogs or video platforms).

This is a brilliant tactic because it allows the visitor to discover more insights about the benefit and the impact on their life that your product will have – all without leaving the product page they’re originally interested in. It acts as a gentle, personalized guide that improves the visitors’ experience throughout each stage of visitation. Those seemingly minor improvements that trigger certain feelings can help boost your conversions (and can be facilitated by CourseMagnet’s SmartCards).

This is not the only element at play in inspiring your visitors however; the language you use plays a big factor with certain words having more of an influence over visitors than others. If you use the right words in a positive yet pushy way on your website then you can really get people motivated as they envision the possibilities you are providing them with through your words. If you write in a powerful enough way you can even convert your visitors there and then! You have surely heard the saying ‘1 picture is worth 1 thousand words’ but in fact 1 word is worth 1 thousand pictures when it comes to selling what you offer on your website. So what’s next?

Mobile traffic will keep getting bigger on your website. And you can’t afford to stay out of the game. Now is a great time to start improving conversions on mobile and why not start with the easiest steps that don’t even involve a website redesign. With the described adjustments, you can start converting more mobile visitors into customers and increase your sales!!

When you begin to do that you’ll finally be on the right path towards achieving higher conversion rates.

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