Acquire High-Quality Leads with Open-Source Assets | Interview with James Avery from Kevel


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Perhaps some of us find adverts infuriating, as they pop up on our YouTube videos, in our post boxes, and on our televisions.  However, there is a reason they have existed for so long; they work. Advertising influences decisions, strengthens brands, and builds trust. As the digital world continues to expand, there are infamous tools to create your online advertising. Yet, they may not allow for the most control or flexibility in their design. Kevel provides an open tool with ad-serving APIs, perfect for building a unique and customizable ad-platform.

James Avery, the founder, is proud to offer open-source technology and resources, to not only his customers but to his potential leads. With such resources available and pre-qualification, Kevel’s sales team is able to prioritize and acquire high-quality leads, as their prospects are well-educated by the information Kevel has made dispensable.

As they work to continuously educate and expand the knowledge, James hopes to focus on video content creation, to share and explain their concepts further. This approach to education will surely acquire more high-quality leads for Kevel, as they champion flexibility in a highly competitive digital advertising world.