Amplify Relatable Content to Gain Ideal Website Traffic | Interview with Markellos Diorinos from Bryq


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When discussing the experience that people had at various career points, the common theme of enjoyment or success was the team. Creating a culture that works together while equally enjoying that time can be a powerful form of accomplishment for both the individuals and the success of a business. Speaking to Markellos Diorinos, the CEO and co-founder of Bryq, we couldn’t help but agree, that so many highlights of significant working experiences were the team.

Bryq is a modern talent intelligence platform there to help you develop your business brick by brick with the most compatible talents. With the goal to eliminate any bias and blindly screen potential employees, the room for error is removed and the results are diverse and equitable. Markellos was determined to highlight the value of continuously optimizing your website and digital space. As this area can be very overwhelming it is important to amplify relatable content.

Markellos and the team are proud of their organic traffic and they will continue to focus on this achievement. However, the goal is to increase lead conversions further. By experimenting with various mediums of content as they amplify relatable content to all possible prospects they hope to gain the ideal website traffic and convert them. With the right tools, you can make a substantial difference.