Analyze Website Visitors to Understand Individual Personas’ Needs| Interview with Mike Corbett from Maxatta


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Remove administrative tasks and save time; ahhhh sounds like a dream. Especially for the financial markets that experience repetitive tasks on a daily basis, spending less time on impactful work. Maxatta is a financial tech company offering software and solutions automating processes, increasing efficiency, productivity, and decision enhancement.

The co-founder, Mike Corbett discusses their growth positioning currently and future growth opportunities. As they focus on networking and word of mouth to set the foundations of their business. Mike is gearing up to begin further digital growth as networking can only take them so far. He aims to use their website to analyze website visitors in order to understand their needs. Knowing who those personas are and gaining valuable insights allows them to approach these leads with thought-out and tailored plans.

Potentially integrating solutions like Pathmonk, eeeepp, the team can take advantage of lead data and turn these into revenue opportunities. From small businesses to large institutions it is valuable for the team to truly understand these varying personas by analyzing website visitors and tailoring solutions to their needs. You can’t go wrong with satisfying a customer before they knew they needed it.