Are you Layering your Website with Powerful Materials? | Interview with Mike Saraswat from Ekstasy


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‘Once you become fearless life becomes limitless.’ To push the boundaries, break the limits, and take the jump, could possibly be the most rewarding and transformative experience. To push your business to those limits and give you the ultimate advertising high is the creative advertising energy Ekstasy. They are there to deliver global brand awareness and cut through the noise of the media world by being fearless.

The CEO, Mike Saraswat openly shared their strategies for lead generation and their goals for the website. He honestly noted that their website is still growing and has more potential to assist in client acquisition. Mike has advocated that layering your website with powerful, enriching, and useful content can be vital in creating the ultimate showroom for your own brand.

He was sure to express the value and importance of data analyses as a crucial element in decision making. To learn from those mistakes and have data to back up the successes can be truly transformative. With the idea of layering your website with clear content, it is a perfect opportunity to re-invest in your own content and monitor landing-page returns. Listen in for practical, achievable solutions, and be fearless!