Employ Artificial Intelligence to Automate Client Acquisition | Interview with Daniel Sloan from FutureTech


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Imagine the future, what do you see? Flying cars? Robots? We appear to be getting closer and closer to the idea of robots functioning in our everyday lives. With a rapid increase in artificial intelligence as an inherent part of our business operations, some of us may need more support and encouragement to acknowledge the advantages. FutureTech, what an appropriate name, is a software company that promotes digital transformation. Combining blockchain technology and artificial intelligence they offer you the best value and capabilities, in order to showcase the full potential of our future.

Daniel Sloan, a co-founder, is eager to get the word out there and expose the full capabilities this company has to offer. With the goal to digitally transform businesses, they are, of course, eager to utilize artificial intelligence to automate their own client acquisition. In order to broaden their reach and create further engagement, they are focusing on refining their website and social media presence.

FutureTech are, as Daniel mentions, ‘big enough to cope, small enough to care.’ They take time and effort to understand your needs and are aware of their weaknesses and strengths. FutureTech is sure to qualify their leads before reaching out in order to ensure they can offer you the best. As they are on the flying car quickly approaching the future they will further embrace artificial intelligence to automate their processes further and change the world.