Be Flexible & Adaptable in an Evolving Marketplace | Interview with David Terkosky from Sparkfly


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As marketers dedicate their time, energy, and money to marketing efforts, they naturally want to witness results and reap the rewards of their labors. Sparkfly offers an all-in-one management-solutions software. By modernizing your existing point of sale, brands can understand and engage with customers on an individual basis. From creating and managing offer campaigns to measuring effectiveness to customer intelligence you can take actionable, result-driven steps.

The Chief Revenue Officer, David Terkosky, joined us today. With his years of experience in the retail space and his efforts to better understand customer behavior, David wants to be a partner in your growth efforts. In an evolving marketplace, as technology expands and techniques develop, David, highlights the importance of being adaptable in this space.

With thought leadership and lead generation resources available on their website, Sparkfly continues to grow its loyal customer base. In this evolving marketplace, David looks to optimize their website for further conversions and continue to improve value messaging. Click play to learn more from an intelligent beard, apologies, man.