Be Thoughtful & Selective with Customer Personas | Interview with Steve Richard from ExecVision


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Communication is a powerful and essential tool for any business conversation. It is an essential element to winning sales and nurturing relationships. But do you know what those conversations are? Are your sales representatives hitting the right touchpoints? With the conversation intelligence platform from ExecVision, you can unlock valuable conversation insights to drive better decision-making and improve performance.

As Pathmonk works to analyze buyer-persona behavior and increase conversions ExecVision works to offer insightful and useable data to convert those leads into sales. Chatting to Steve Richard, the co-founder, we discovered his marketing growth channels and insights into the marketing world. As they have received excellent generation from their LinkedIn strategies they are working to discover those anonymous customer personas who occupy the dark funnel on their website.

Although they use tools to reveal web visitors there is still data that is missing. They hope to identify the correct customer personas and adjust the all-important Call to Actions accordingly. Offering targeted advertising and frictionless content on LinkedIn they aim to discover the customer personas on their web even further.